One of the main problems in the sale of a property is to know the market price. This work is complex at the present time because the market is suffering the consequences of the economic crisis that we know.
Given this situation, it is very important to know the market price, to ensure that the transmission takes place by a fair price.
The price is what the buyer is willing to pay for that particular property always negotiate with the seller to price target is willing to go. A grim example happens when using the Internet property portals to advertise the property, ask a price nonprofessional in relation to similar properties in the area, property value today do not have that effect and cause market stagnation may pass years to achieve the sale never sold or not.

An official assessment by a qualified expert will take you to the actual price of the property, ie the price that the buyer and seller have agreed and has been effective to proceed to the signing of the deed, or just the mere knowledge of the positions buyers and sellers that are willing to improve the operation, ie the sale. Value and price are two different concepts.

Our official evaluations allow buyers and sellers know that the price set is the closest to reality and so rest assured you are not paying more or less thus protecting the future value of the property.

An assessment officer is an official document that has legal value before courts, government agencies, public authorities and other local entities.